Our Memberships

Our tanning memberships include all beds, 24-hour access to the salon, and 50% off all lotions. Memberships are open to both men and women, and women can add on a Tone Zone Fitness membership as well.

Features Bronze Silver Gold
24 Hour secure session
1/2 Price tanning lotion
Sunvision tanning beds
Tanses 10 min super bed
Lay down VHR
Stand up VHR
Leg tanner
Epic 442 12 min beds
Red light therapy beds
Affordable dues
Phone app for Que screen
EFT* – Memberships Month to month
Monthly Payment
6 Months
Monthly Payment
1 Year
Monthly Payment
Bronze $24 $20 $16
Silver $36 $29 $22
Gold $49 $39 $29
Red Light Therapy Only $24 $16 $12

* Other payment methods are available. Please contact us for more details.